Railz accounting data as a service

Railz API gets you the financial data you need

We are building the largest financial data network so you can build the financial services of the future.

Railz integrates with all major accounting service providers

Using our Railz API, grab financial data from QuickBooks, Intacct, Sage, Xero, and other ASPs.

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Railz connects to Dynamics 365
Railz connects to Quickbooks.
Railz connects to Freshbooks.
Railz connects to Oracle Netsuite.
Railz connects to Xero.

Railz’s solution connects you to normalized and analyzed financial data

Get access to our Accounting Data-as-a-Service™ API and all other products to build the financial services of the future.

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Railz Visualization SDK

Railz Visualization SDK

The Railz API is changing the way fintechs, developers, and financial institutions get their accounting data


Railz connects you to the accounting platforms like Quickbooks and Xero that your business customers use.


Railz provides financial data collection, normalization, sanitization, and analysis all in one easy-to-integrate API.


Railz saves you time and resources with real-time decision-making and live data pulling.


Railz allows you to improve turnaround time on requests from your business customers.

Railz for banks

Railz for financial institutions

Easily access normalized financial data across thousands of accounts to make real-time, impactful decisions for your business customers.

Why our financial institutions love Railz:

  • 53% decrease all your costs.
  • Access to historical, holistic customer data.
  • Understand and support business customers.
Railz for developers

Railz for fintechs

Quickly integrate with our API to get access to accounting data. Get up and running in less than a day with a few lines of code.

Why our developers love Railz:

  • Set up in minutes, deploy in hours.
  • Real-time data collection, normalized.
  • Made by developers, for developers.

Railz offers pricing that scales with your company

Check out our pricing page to find out how our per call costs can grow with your business or meet our sales team to get tailored solutions, volume pricing, and dedicated support.

Railz slack community

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We take building better financial services seriously

We are passionate about building a better, decentralized web. We’re also focused on bringing data-as-a-service capabilities to financial institutions, globally. See how we’re involved.

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Start building the future of finance on the Railz API

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