Railz financial data API

The future of finance needs access to financial data

The Railz API connects to major accounting, banking, and eCommerce platforms to provide you quick access to normalized and analyzed financial data on your small and medium-sized customers.

Who Railz works with

Our Accounting Data as a Service™ API empowers our financial service brands to build the financial products their customers need.

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Easily integrate with our API to get access to accounting data

Railz is the Accounting Data as a Service™ solution that makes sense of your business customers’ financial data.


Connect to major accounting services, such as QuickBooks.


Collect large accounting datasets across platforms in real-time.


Normalize to organize and reformat messy accounting data.


Analyze the data to get a real-time view of historical accounting data.

railz data financial institutions

Railz for financial institutions

Easily access normalized financial data across thousands of accounts to make real-time, impactful decisions for your business customers.

Why our financial institutions love Railz:

  • 53% decrease all your costs.
  • Access to historical, holistic customer data.
  • Understand and support business customers.
Railz for developers

Railz for fintechs

Quickly integrate with our API to access accounting, banking, and eCommerce data. Get up and running in less than a day with a few lines of code.

Why our developers love Railz:

  • Set up in minutes, deploy in hours.
  • Real-time data collection, normalized.
  • Made by developers, for developers.

Use Accounting Data as a Service™ for what you’re building

Learn how startups to Fortune 500 banks use the Railz API to change the future of finance.


Make calculated decisions about the creditworthiness of your clients with access to accurate data using Railz API.


Automate payment tasks, such as bank data reconciliation, merchant reconciliation, and accounts receivable/payable reconciliation


Gain a holistic view of your SMB client’s financial health with cash flow forecasting and transition management services


Use real-time accounting data to make insurance decisions for your commercial customers.

Wealth Management

Manage your commercial customer investments across multiple platforms.

Trade Finance

View all buyers and sellers, as well as invoices and payments, across international financial data.

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