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We empower fintechs developers to build the financial services of the future using one API to access financial data.

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Quickly integrate with our API to get access to accounting, commerce, and banking data. Get up and running fast with a few lines of code.

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Set up in minutes, deploy in hours.

Sandbox Mode

Real-time data collection, normalized.

Data Endpoints

Made by developers, for developers.

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We offer a platform that scales with your Accounting Data as a Service™  needs. We’re happy to build out a custom solution for your needs.

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Railz Dev Docs have all the information you need to get started. Download our Accounting Data as a Service™ SDK

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Scrypt automates updating accounting and financial records for SMBs with Railz.

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“Accessing real-time accounting data with Railz, without the need to manually update new and existing records, vendor or supplier data, and other information allows companies who are contemplating Scrypt’s Integrated Payables and Receivables platform easier entry into our next level automation.”

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