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Our Railz Connect™ feature offers the ability to integrate with our API on your site, so your customers can log in to their accounting service providers directly.

What is Railz Connect™?

Railz Connect™ is a plug-and-play widget that provides a secure, elegant authentication flow for each accounting service provider that Railz supports. Ensure trust with your commercial customers by providing secure and easy access to their accounting data.

Why you should use the Railz Connect™ for your financial service

White Labelling

Build trust with your commercial customers by having authentication customized with your branding.

Easy Access

Your business customers will be able to easily connect to their accounting data through Railz Connect™.


Get real-time data collection with fast syncing from your commercial customers’ financial services.

Railz offers a suite of products to get the most of your financial data

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Railz Sites™

Railz Analytics™

Railz Normalization

Railz Dashboard™

Railz Visualization SDK

Railz Visualization SDK

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eCommerce Integration

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