Railz eCommerce Integration

Pull your customers Shopify & Square data directly into your application

Start pulling eCommerce data from Shopify and/or Square directly into your application to help reconcile and keep financial records up to date.

Connect and integrate with Shopify and Square

The Railz eCommerce integration allows you to connect and integrate with your customers Shopify and Square accounts. You’ll be able to pull the following endpoints directly into your application: disputes, orders, transactions, and product info.

How eCommerce can help you and your customers

railz api illustration

Seamless Integration

Our eCommerce integration provides a seamless and integrated experience for connecting your commerce data from Shopify and Square.

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Holistic Picture

Connect commerce data directly into your application and see a full picture of eCommerce transactions

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Multiple Endpoints

Provide transaction, reconciliation, and cashflow data directly to your application. Pull disputes, orders, transactions, and product info to ensure complete accuracy in every detail.

Railz offers a suite of products to get the most of your financial data

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Railz Visualization SDK

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