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Understand financial data across all your commercial customers in real-time with our normalization engine.

What is Railz Normalization?

Our normalization engine is a proprietary machine-learning model that empowers you to make sense of messy accounting data. Get the financial data you need from your business customers in an organized and articulate way to pull insights and analytics from.

Why you should use the Railz Normalization for your financial services


Using our normalization engine, financial data across multiple platforms, including new data, gets organized.


Turn thousands of different accounting classifications and labels into easy-to-read financial data.


Normalized data is needed to access the best analytics and insights on your business customers.

Railz offers a suite of products to get the most of your financial data

Railz API

Railz Connect™

Railz Sites™

Railz Analytics™

Railz Dashboard™

Railz Visualization SDK

Railz Visualization SDK

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