Who we are

Railz is building the foundation for the future of finance with the largest financial data network.

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Railz is a fintech startup created by two former tech founders.

They were inspired to solve this problem by building a solution that would automate the data collection and analysis process so that accounting data could be used for real-time decision-making - all through an easy-to-implement API.

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“We’re on a mission to build the largest financial data network so we can enable innovators to build the next generation of data-powered financial services.”

Sohaib Zahid

CEO Railz

The team behind Railz

We’re a bunch of entrepreneurs coming together to build the largest main street financial data network.

sohaib zahid ceo railz

Sohaib Zahid


derek manuge cto railz

Derek Manuge


sam kawtharani product railz

Sam Kawtharani

VP of Product

Abisola Adeniran

VP of Software Engineering

shawna stewart vp people railz

Shawna Stewart

VP of People Operations

Ali Kiassat joins Railz as VP of Sales

Ali Kiassat

VP of Sales

Pasha Zavari

Director of Data Science

Ryan Supeene - Director of Customer Success

Ryan Supeene

Director of Customer Success

Jammy Lee

QA Lead

Priyank Agrawal

Director of Integrations Engineering

Marie Osmun

Senior Quantitative Developer

Hannah Park

Product Designer

Joy Uchenna

Senior Software Engineer

Gabriel Chittolina

Software Engineer

Bhrigu Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Kishore Reddy

QA Engineer

gabriela gonzalez railz

Gabriela Gonzalez

Product Owner

ivan blanco product railz

Ivan Blanco

Senior Product Owner

Alex de Siqueira Junior backend developer at Railz

Alex de Siqueira Junior

Back-End Developer

Zach Forrester joins Railz as Sr. Software Engineer

Zach Forrester

Senior Software Engineer

Chris Fenos joins Railz as Sr software engineer

Chris Fenos

Senior Software Engineer

Sharon Douangphachanh joins Railz as the People and Operations Manager

Sharon Douangphachanh

People & Operations Manager

Max Ma joins Railz as Senior Full Stack Engineer

Max Ma

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Ali Fawaz Joins Railz as Senior Full Stack Engineer.png

Ali Fawaz

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Abhishek Jain Joins Rails as Senior Full Stack Engineer

Abhishek Jain

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Santiago Persico joins Railz as the Senior Full Stack Developer

Santiago Persico

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Claude Abounegm - Senior BackEnd Engineer.png

Claude Abounegm

Senior BackEnd Engineer

Nina Barango joins Railz as Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Nina Barango

Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jamie Vinkle

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Femi Aiyeleso joins Railz as Technical Account Manager

Femi Aiyeleso

Technical Account Manager

Athira Tomy Joins Railz as Developer Support Engineer

Athira Tomy

Developer Support Engineer

Edison Mojica joins Railz as the Senior Full Stack Engineer.png

Edison Mojica

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Endy Obiki Joins Railz as the QA Engineer

Endy Obiki

QA Engineer

José Olórtegui Joins Rails as QA Engineer

José Olórtegui

QA Engineer

Railz is supported by stellar investors and advisors

Railz is strategically partnered with industry leaders

Visa partners with Railz
FDX partners with Railz
Canadian Lenders Association partnership with Railz
FIS partnership with Railz
API3 partners with Railz
MaRS partnership with Railz