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Understand data with Railz Analytics™

Our proprietary models review your normalized data to pull important insights on your commercial customers’ financials.

What are Railz Insights™ and Railz Analytics™?

Railz Insights™ and Railz Analytics™ are outputs of organized, cleaned, and normalized financial data. You get the benefits of using enriched data to gain a better understanding of your customers' behaviour. Ditch the complicated paperwork for normalized, digital data to make sense of your customers.

Why you should use the Railz Insights™ & Railz Analytics™ for your financial service


Get the real-time financial data from all major accounting service providers through our API.

Financial Forecasting

Provide your businesses access to reports while offering your risk and underwriting teams insights.

Financial Ratios

Access auto-calculated metrics and ratios to assess the financial performance of your businesses.

Railz offers a suite of products to get the most of your financial data

Railz API

Railz Connect™

Railz Sites™

Railz Normalization

Railz Dashboard™

Railz Visualization SDK

Railz Visualization SDK

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eCommerce Integration

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