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Go visual with Railz Dashboard™

Configure the Railz Dashboard to provide the highlights, insights, and more that you need. Create dashboards that you can display to your small and medium enterprise customers, too.

What is Railz Dashboard™?

Railz Dashboard™ displays all insights and analytics in a clear, customizable view.

Why you should use the Railz Dashboard™ for your financial service


Using the Railz Dashboard™, you can view your platform use, financial data, and see fast insights.

User Permissions

Provide different levels of user access to include your team on the Railz platform to view Railz Dashboard™.


We offer rotating API keys and enable two-factor authentication to provide extra security to your account.

Railz offers a suite of products to get the most of your financial data

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Railz Dashboard

Future of Finance

Start building the future of finance on the Railz API

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