Railz joins Mastercard Start Path Open Banking program!

Nina Barango joins Railz as Demand Generation Marketing Manager
January 12, 2023
A quote from Sohaib Zahid, founder of Railz

We are thrilled to announce that Railz has been selected to join Mastercard's Start Path Open Banking program. This award-winning program is designed to support and scale open banking startups, and provide them with unique opportunities to co-innovate and power experiences that enable consumer choice.

Open banking enables consumers to share their data safely and seamlessly, creating a rising tide of data that has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry. With open banking, consumers have access to a wide range of digital opportunities, from making payments to gaining access to credit. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can also benefit from open banking by using it to manage their finances, gain access to capital, and run operations more efficiently.

“Working with Mastercard will give us access to a global network of small businesses and banking partners, Railz's API, along with the power of the Mastercard network, will enable millions of SMEs to access financial services by leveraging their financial data.”

-- Sohaib Zahid, founder of Railz.

As one of the eight companies chosen for this cohort, our goal at Railz is to build new solutions and experiences for consumers and SMEs by leveraging our API and the power of the Mastercard network. We are excited to be a part of driving innovation in the industry and to be working alongside our fellow startups in this cohort to expand access to credit and loans, gain industry credibility, strengthen trust with consumers and businesses, and much more.

Through the Start Path Open Banking program, startups have access to mentoring, co-innovation opportunities, and engagement with Mastercard's global network of banks, merchants, partners, and digital players to help scale their businesses. We are excited about the potential of this collaboration and the opportunities it will provide for our customers and partners.

Join us on this journey as we work together to shape the future of open banking through co-innovation and the utilization of cutting-edge technologies.

Nina Barango joins Railz as Demand Generation Marketing Manager
Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Nina Barango is an experienced demand generation manager with a proven track record in the fintech industry. Having worked with startups and SMEs, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of how to drive results and growth effectively. A valuable asset to any team, she is dedicated to helping her company succeed.