Top Fintech Events in North America 2021: See Fintech Events Railz Attended

Kristen Campbell freelance writer
November 30, 2021
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Events are popping back into action globally and we’ve had the pleasure of getting our Railz team out there, meeting new faces, and engaging with customers and partners. You may have already had the pleasure of meeting our Head of Sales Bryan Backenstoss, our Director of Fintech Nathan Adamson, and other awesome Railz team members this past quarter. Internally, we had a list of over 100 potential events to attend in 2021 - and I’m sure your company is no different. Whether you are attending events to connect with investors, pitch your idea to new customers, or network with potential partners, going to events is a great way to expand your knowledge base as well as your network. It can be tricky to know which events to attend, sponsor, or speak or demo at. Whether you’re a fintech startup or a larger financial institution, below are a few of the best fintech events in North America from 2021, some of which Railz was lucky enough to attend or demo at!

Top Fintech Event in North America: Finovate

Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology through a unique blend of short-form demos and key insights from thought-leaders. Railz was fortunate enough to demo our solution at FinovateFall this past September. FinovateFall is a three day event in New York focused on spotlighting new fintech innovations from seed-stage startups to established leaders in the industry. Visitors attending the conference can attend live demos with fintech solutions, which showcase new technology from a variety of industries. The conference is attended by over 90 experts, including speakers from companies like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, and there are networking opportunities to meet with a global audience of senior attendees, over half of them from financial institutions.

railz finovate finvoatefall demo
Railz Attends and Demos at FinovateFall 2021

Top Fintech Event in North America: Fintech Devcon

Presented by Moov, Fintech Devcon was a new event targeted at the financial technology sector. Fintech Devcon is multi-day event is heavily focused on the tools and best practices used by developers in fintech today. Speakers centred discussions around banking, payments, investing, and compliance.

fintech devcon moov railz
Nathan Adamson attends Fintech Devcon Presented by Moov

Top Fintech Event in North America: AI in Finance Summit

AI Finance Summit is a 2 day event attended by 90+ speakers and over 600 attendees. Attendees can choose between an AI in Finance Summit, an AI in Insurance Summit, and an AI in RegTech Summit, all of which feature global experts, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities. The event includes live demos and pitches, interactive Deep Dive sessions, and presentations and panel discussions with experts from companies like JP Morgan and Credit Suisse

Top Fintech Event in North America: Fintech Happy Hour Meetups

If you’re interested in some fun and valuable networking, Fintech Happy Hour hosts meetups across 12 different cities. Check out Fintech Happy Hour events in cities like London, New York, San Fransisco, and Miami. Proceeds from the events go to Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders, and Black Girls Code.

fintech happy hour railz
Railz attends Fintech Happy Hour

Top Fintech Event in North America: FTT Embedded Finance

FTT Embedded Finance North America is a one day virtual event focused on financial institutions, non-financial enterprises, startups and tech providers. The event includes panelists, case studies, and keynote speakers from companies like Pinterest, Amazon, and Verizon and covers themes around regulation, collaboration, and scale.

Top Fintech Event in North America: Money Experience (MX) Summit

The MX Summit is a three day event held in Utah, focused on bringing together some of the top executives, financers, and influencers in both banking and tech. Keynote speakers include Peyton Manning, Mario Andretti, and Allyson Felix, and the agenda includes time for executive networking, dinner and drinks, and time to enjoy the winter activities.

mx money experience summit
Railz attends MX Money Experience Summit

Top Fintech Event in North America: CB Insights Future of Fintech

Future of Fintech by CB Insights happened early October in 2021. CB Insights is a private company with a business analytics platform and global database that provides market intelligence on private companies and investor activities and Future of Fintech is their annual event that brings financial services and institutions together.

cb insights future of fintech
Nathan Adamson attended CB Insights Future of Fintech

Top Fintech Event in North America: Money 20/20

Who doesn't know about Money 20/20 in Las Vegas?Money20/20 is the world’s leading, premium content, sales and connections platform for the global money ecosystem. A huge fintech event that spans all sectors: payroll, ecommerce, big data, APIs, financial services, technology, and more companies. People attend, sponsor, and speak from across the globe. Money 20/20 has global events with the Las Vegas event hosted annually, boasting 7,500+ attendees and rockstar speakers.

No matter if you’re attending a fintech event to learn new things, brush up on your skills, or just expand your network there are plenty of opportunities to join the fun a top fintech events in North America! There are a variety of events, both in North America and internationally, that are geared towards helping you connect, network, and learn from industry experts and technology leaders across the field. Let us know the fintech events you'll be attending in 2022 - we hope to meet you there!

Kristen Campbell freelance writer
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