Introducing Railz’s New Widget: Railz Connect™

July 30, 2021
railz connect new widget

In our pursuit of building the largest financial data network, we’re constantly improving how you can connect to the accounting service providers you need. We know some of the most important aspects of our API are security, accessibility, and customizability. To provide you with these components, we’ve released a new version of our widget: Railz Connect™!

Refreshed Railz Connect™!

What is Railz Connect™?

Railz Connect is our original Railz Widget but completely revamped! The widget is the iFrame that enables you to embed our API and whitelist it on your business’s website. We’re excited to roll out a refreshed look of our widget, which we call Railz Connect™.

Railz Connect™ in-action!

What’s new about the Railz Connect™ widget?

We added new features to Railz Connect™ to improve your conversions and increase your customers’ trust. These features are:

  • Security: You can now set IP whitelisting to secure where Railz Connect™ can be hosted.
  • Discoverability: We have simplified the menu. The convenient search bar is made for end-users to locate the right financial service fast.
  • Modernization: We’ve overhauled our user interface (UI) to make it ultra-clean and simple, which provides an efficient experience anyone can use.
  • Trust: There is now an informed data sharing consent agreement so you can continue to build consumer trust through transparency.
  • White-labeling: We’ve implemented settings so you can white-label Railz Connect so your brand logo and colours can pop.
  • Accessibility: We are building our Railz Connect™ platform with accessibility standards in mind to ensure everyone can have full usability of all our features.
  • Financial: We’ve kept financial needs of our customers in mind — with the new widget you will not be able to test each connection, saving on API calls and charges.

Railz Connect set up

What’s happening to the old Railz Widget?

We are sunsetting Railz Widget on November 30th 2021. We need everyone on the current widget to migrate to Railz Connect.

We will continue to support the original iFrame widget until the end of 2021 in its current state. Please note that if you continue to use the current widget, you will not be able to access new integrations supported by Railz.

How to migrate from Railz Widget to Railz Connect:

Migrating to the new Railz Connect is easy! You can begin migrating now and in under an hour, you’ll be up and running! Your widgetId will remain the same and can be transferred between the old widget and the new Railz Connect.

  1. Switch iFrame code snippet to the new code snippet
  2. Change redirect URLs in app
  3. Add IP whitelisting
  4. Test integration in sandbox and production

Read more about how to migrate to the new Railz Connect widget on our docs.

Successful migration from old widget to new Railz Connect!

We’ll be reminding you about our widget migration over the next few months so we can be sure you have a smooth transition from the original Railz Widget to our brand new Railz Connect! If you have feedback or questions, please join our Slack Community.

Director of Marketing

Samantha Lloyd is the Director of Marketing at Railz. We're building the largest financial data network to support the future of finance. She has a decade of experience building organic growth, brand, and digital marketing for startups and technology companies. In her free time, you can find Sam SCUBA diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.