Railz Joins API3 Alliance as Founding Member

August 16, 2021
railz joins api3 alliance

Leading Web API provider to provide data and services to the next generation of decentralized applications via Airnode.

As a leading API provider, it will always be our responsibility to help strengthen and develop the API economy as much as we can. That is why Railz is proud to announce that we have officially joined the API3 Alliance as founding members — a strategic coalition of 100+ like-minded API providers committed to bringing our data and services currently offered to traditional web applications directly to the Web3 economy, without the reliance on third-party middlemen.

Railz, a Founding Member of the API3 Alliance, To Offer First-Party Oracle Services on Web3

Traditionally, API providers have been forced to either build their own facilities or pay external oracle operators to implement the middleware necessary to make their data and services compatible with the blockchain. However, leading first-party oracle solution API3 is breaking the mold and offering necessary tools and individualized support to our growing community of Alliance members — already over 100 strong — to go directly to the consumers of our APIs on Web3.

This exciting endeavour is made possible under the close guidance of API3’s expert team, who will help Alliance members reach previously unattainable Web3 consumers and dApps. Not only will this collaboration benefit our business, but it will play a major role in creating the Web3 API economy and building the open infrastructure for decentralized applications. API3 DAO’s governing members will vote to ensure the API Alliance and API3’s unique procedures are not limited by their initial designs, and that they evolve to meet new challenges and needs.

Railz will utilize API3’s serverless Airnode to easily create first-party oracles used to bring our functionality to Web3 applications. Invented by API3, Airnode effectively forms a bridge between blockchain and the rest of the digital world.

We are extremely excited to embark on this journey and will keep our valuable partners and consumers updated on progress.

About Railz

Railz is the only financial data-as-a-service solution that connects, normalizes, and analyzes financial data from top accounting service providers. We do this to make financing decisions faster, better, and easier for financial institutions and their commercial and small business customers. Out of Toronto, Canada our fintech company recently raised our Series A to scale our Accounting Data-as-a-Service platform.

About API3

API3 is the leading first-party blockchain oracle solution empowering the world’s premier API providers to offer their services directly to Web3 applications. Airnode, its open source, provider-operated oracle and value-added services such as dAPIs are governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) comprised of stakeholders, industry experts and project partners. API3 embodies the values of maximum transparency and minimum trust as it works to build the Web3 API economy.

API3 Alliance Press Release

We are extremely excited to embark on this journey and will keep our valuable partners and consumers updated on progress. For more information, please refer to the official API3 Alliance press release.

Director of Marketing

Samantha Lloyd is the Director of Marketing at Railz. We're building the largest financial data network to support the future of finance. She has a decade of experience building organic growth, brand, and digital marketing for startups and technology companies. In her free time, you can find Sam SCUBA diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.