Product Updates - October 2022

Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
October 21, 2022
Railz product updates for October 2022.


It's been a busy month at Railz, and we wanted to update our users on all the new changes. Here's a rundown of what's new in the last month. First up, we've made some changes to Railz Connect. We've also made some big updates to our functionality and Railz Sites, which should make it even easier for businesses to use Railz. Read on to learn more about our latest release.


  • New Railz Connect™
  • Onboarding Link for Railz Sites™
  • Sage Intacct offered in open BETA

Railz Connect Updates

We're shaking things up around here and giving tabs the boot. From now on, business customers will be guided on a new and conversion-optimized connection flow journey through Railz Connect and Railz Sites to connect their service providers. This way, they'll have a better chance of connecting all the service providers required for your use case. And we're introducing a new way that will allow our customers to make a certain service mandatory during the connection journey. So if you're looking for a more streamlined way to connect with service providers, this is it. We hope you enjoy the new journey!

The new experience will make onboarding for your SMB customers a breeze and get you working together with them faster than ever.

Railz Connect service provider selection page.

One Onboarding Link to Rule Them All

You will save time by no longer needing to manually create individual links for each of your SMB customers. While the ability to create individual links for SMBs still exists, you can now create one link and send it to all of the SMBs you want to onboard. You can simply use one generic link that is automatically created and send it to your business customers! This means end-users just need to enter their business name during the connecting process and the Railz system will automatically create the business profile in your dashboard.

Sage Intacct in Open BETA

We're excited to announce that Sage Intacct will be offered in open beta (previously in private beta). This means our customers no longer need to ask customer success for an opportunity to opt-in.

How Does This Help Your SMBs?

Easier and streamlined onboarding experience from every possible angle.

How Does This Help Your Business?

More customization options to perfect the onboarding process Save time and onboard multiple SMBs with one single link Easier access to Sage Intacct

Thanks for Reading!

Those are the main updates we have for you this month. If you’d like to learn more check out our dev-docs

Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jamie Vinkle is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Railz. He has worked for over ten years with financial brands like ATB. His focus has been on GTM planning and implementation, product research and analytics, copywriting and content development, and strategic planning. His favourite thing to do is host webinars, create training videos, and elevate video and audio content to the next level. Finally, he is a life-long learner writing about Fintech and SaaS! Follow more of his thought pieces and ideas on LinkedIn.