Product Updates - November 2022

Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
November 29, 2022
Railz November Updates


Railz is always working hard to make your lives and your SMB clients' lives easier. Check out this month's updates for the latest features and changes. In this release, we’ve added the ability to single sign-on, additional customizations to Railz Sites, new Railz Connect enhancements and many other changes. To learn all these updates as well as what else is going down at Railz check out below.


  • UPDATE (PUT) bills in QBO and Xero
  • UPDATE (PUT) journal entries in QBO
  • Ability to Delete a Business
  • Subsidiaries for Sage Intacct
  • Single Sign-on abilities
  • Additional Enhancements to  Railz Connect™️
  • New Railz Sites™️ Customization Capabilities

UPDATE (PUT) bills in QuickBooks Online and Xero

Updates bills in Xero and QuickBooks Online are now supported by the Railz API. A variety of accounting payable automation can be made possible and complemented by updating bills in Xero and QuickBooks Online.

UPDATE (PUT) journal entries in QuickBooks Online

Railz API now supports updating journal entries in QuickBooks Online. A journal entry can be used to represent a range of financial activities impacting the general ledger. A wide variety of accounting automation use cases, such as accounts payable automation, payments, and payroll service providers, are enabled and complemented by updating journal entries in QuickBooks Online.

Ability to Delete a Business

Railz now supports the deletion of a Business. Customers can now delete any of their businesses through the API and Railz Dashboard. 

Subsidiaries for Sage Intacct

Railz now supports connecting a specific subsidiary in a Sage Intacct multi-entity company. Customers will be able to create a business for each subsidiary their business customers have. Customers will be able to obtain accounting data for each subsidiary more directly and simply thanks to this new functionality.

Single Sign-on abilities 

Enterprise customers can now enable Single sign-on (SSO) for their team members through the use of Google or Microsoft accounts, which provides an additional layer of security and faster way to log into existing business apps with just one set of credentials.

November Release

Additional Enhancements to  Railz Connect™️

Railz Connect™️ offers new customization options to tailor the connectivity journey for your business customers. These customizations include hiding overview and summary pages, customizable text on all of its pages (including those that appear before you enter a specific transaction), as well as enabling or disabling certain features such as progress bars located at various points throughout Railz's connection process line items; read our release notes to learn more.

New Railz Sites™️ Customization Capabilities

At long last, enterprise customers can now customize the content in the left sidebar of Railz Sites™️. This gives our customers the flexibility to modify the text that resonates with their small- and medium-sized business clients. In addition, the onboarding link has been customized to provide a more cohesive user experience. We believe that this will result in greater satisfaction for our enterprise customers. We continue to strive to provide the best possible no-code solution for your needs.

How Does This Help Your SMBs?

Through the new customizations in Railz Connect™️ and Railz Sites™️, the SMB connection journey process will be simplified and made easier.

How Does This Help Your Business?

  • More customization options to enhance  the onboarding process 
  • Save time using Single sign-on options for your entire team
  • Ability to delete businesses and update bills and journal entries
  • The ability to clean business data

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Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jamie Vinkle is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Railz. He has worked for over ten years with financial brands like ATB. His focus has been on GTM planning and implementation, product research and analytics, copywriting and content development, and strategic planning. His favourite thing to do is host webinars, create training videos, and elevate video and audio content to the next level. Finally, he is a life-long learner writing about Fintech and SaaS! Follow more of his thought pieces and ideas on LinkedIn.