Product Updates - Nov 2023

November 27, 2023
Railz Product Release

Railz Unveils Integrations with Zoho Books, Raw Fields, and Push Options for Enhanced Financial Connectivity & Data Coverage

Discover the power of Railz with our latest integrations: Zoho Books, Raw fields, and Push Options. The Zoho Books integration enhances data management and workflow, and our new Raw fields integration brings unmatched customization. Plus, our new pushOptions endpoint streamlines integration for developers. Together, these innovations reflect our dedication to evolving the financial landscape for businesses everywhere.


  • Accelerate the validation of your testing scenarios by utilizing your own data with our newest QuickBooks Online Sandbox integration.
  • Expand your data coverage to unlock new customers with Zoho Books.
  • Achieve uncompromised data exchange accuracy with the Raw Fields endpoint.
  • Enhance your setup speed with the newly introduced Push Options endpoint, providing integration guidelines for all push endpoints across service providers.

Access more accounting service providers with the Zoho Books Integration

Available on all plans
Available on

Railz is excited to announce the expansion of its API. We're excited to introduce an integration with Zoho Books, a prominent accounting service provider. This integration enables you to effortlessly connect to Zoho Books, enhancing your ability to access crucial financial data for a more comprehensive accounting experience.

Through this integration, you can now access the following data seamlessly:

  • Bank Transactions
  • Bank Accounts
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Tax Rates
  • Inventory

Here you can find more details about our new Zoho Books integration.

Tailor your data exchange without restrictions with Raw Fields

Available on all plans
Available on

The incorporation of Raw fields brings unmatched flexibility, empowering users to customize their data exchanges.

Raw fields, in this context, are user-defined data fields not predefined in the Railz API's payload structure. Users have the flexibility to include these fields as needed, allowing them to push additional data essential for their specific use cases and data requirements without encountering restrictions in the Railz API payload. This feature enhances the adaptability of the Railz API, ensuring it accommodates diverse business needs seamlessly.

Here you will find more information about Raw fields.

Cut Integration time with PushOptions

Available on all plans
Available on
Introducing our new API endpoint, GET/pushOptions, meticulously crafted to furnish developers and businesses with vital information on the prerequisites for utilizing Push APIs across diverse accounting providers. This endpoint streamlines the integration process by providing clear insights into the necessary data for crafting successful push payloads for any accounting service provider.

For more information on how this works check Here


Another Awesome Launch in the Books!  

As we wrap up this chapter, we eagerly look ahead to the next wave of innovations designed to further empower and accelerate your financial integrations. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking updates, and remember, we're just getting started. See you next month for another exciting year-end round-up. Until then, explore, integrate, and transform with Railz. And for any burning questions or to witness Railz in action, our API docs, Help Center, and Demo are just a click away.

Product Owner

Gabriela Gonzalez is a Product Owner at Railz. She works with the product and engineering team on the Platform squad to understand and represent customer needs, create the user experience and connectivity flow to our products, and develop and manage our customer dashboard to provide data insights and analytics. She has been working in the technology industry for over 4 years and she values taking a data-driven approach to building products to help solve customer problems.