Product Updates - January 2023

Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
February 1, 2023
railz product update

Take the Plunge and Discover the Benefits of Our New Release

Get ready to take your Railz experience to the next level with our latest product release - Q1.1! January is bringing a host of new features that will make managing your business in Railz even easier. From the convenience of our new team's feature, to some slick UX updates, our latest release has something for everyone. So why wait? Take the plunge and start exploring today.


  • Easily connect to major US financial institutions like Chase and Wells Fargo with our new OAuth support in Plaid.
  • Enhance your user experience by seamlessly accessing Railz Connect through a sleek modal window.
  • Expand your integration capabilities and streamline team collaboration with multiple teams within a single Railz account.

Easily Connect More of Your Customers Banking Data 

Our updated Plaid integration in Railz Connect allows you to easily connect your SMB's bank information to financial institutions that require OAuth through Plaid Link. Plaid integrations with OAuth have several benefits over the traditional, non-OAuth experience, such as:

  • Familiar and trustworthy experiences: SMBs authenticate via their bank's website or mobile app, a familiar experience that can help with conversion.
  • Streamlined login experiences: Some OAuth-enabled institutions (e.g., Chase) provide an "App-to-App" experience for end users if the end user has the institution's mobile app installed on their device. App-to-App can provide alternative authentication methods to end users (e.g., Touch ID or Face ID) that can help simplify and accelerate the authentication process.

  • Greater uptime and longer-lived connections: You can generally expect longer and greater connection uptime with OAuth-enabled institutions, which means fewer connection errors and need for re-authentication.

Railz Connect UX Changes: Modals

We continue to improve the Railz Connect experience to ensure you’re able to streamline your workflow and spend more time helping your SMB clients. With the new update there are now two ways of opening and interacting with Railz Connect. The first way is our legacy approach, and you can still embed Railz Connect directly into your application, this process has not changed. The new approach is to open a Railz Connect modal directly in your application. Your team can take their pick and use the approach that best suits their workflow.

Railz Connect Modal Update

Create Multiple Teams in the Same Railz Account 

Available on Enterprise plan only
Available on Enterprise plan only
If you have multiple teams or products using the same Railz account, they may not all be using the same integration configuration. It may also be helpful and sometimes required for each team/product to define their own connection journey and limit access to the data for various security and compliance reasons.

Teams allows our enterprise customers to create multiple teams in the same Railz account in the following ways:

  • Create teams within your organization to scale your Railz integration and enable better collaboration between business units. Each team can have its own unique members, connected businesses, integrations, connection journey, API keys, webhooks and sandbox environments.
  • Create different teams to represent your products, departments or application environments. 
  • Improve privacy & security with Super Administrator roles to centralize management of user roles & permissions in accordance with your organization's InfoSec and access rules.
Railz Dashboard - Teams

That’s it for this Month! 

Thank you for reading about our updates for January, 2023. This is the first release of the year for the Railz team and we are looking forward to the next eleven of this year - we hope you’ll join us for the ride. 

If you want to learn more about our updates check out our release notes by clicking the link below - and don’t forget, there is more content coming to help support you through the teams update and how it will help you and your SMB clients.

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Jamie Vinkle joins Railz as the Senior Product Marketing Manager
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jamie Vinkle is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Railz. He has worked for over ten years with financial brands like ATB. His focus has been on GTM planning and implementation, product research and analytics, copywriting and content development, and strategic planning. His favourite thing to do is host webinars, create training videos, and elevate video and audio content to the next level. Finally, he is a life-long learner writing about Fintech and SaaS! Follow more of his thought pieces and ideas on LinkedIn.