Product Updates - Dec 2023

December 5, 2023
Railz Product Launch

Railz Expands Sandbox Capabilities with QuickBooks Developer Integration

Exciting News: We've integrated QuickBooks into Railz Sandbox! Now, you can test and validate your scenarios faster with your own data, unlocking limitless possibilities and accelerating your journey to market launch! 

Revolutionize Your Testing Experience: Introducing QuickBooks Online Sandbox Integration with Railz

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In our continuous commitment to providing you with the best tools for seamless financial data integration, we've added a powerful integration to our arsenal – QuickBooks Online Sandbox Integration.

Key Benefits:

  1. Full Access to Your Own Data: While our Railz mocked data has been a fantastic resource for testing, we understand the importance of working with your own data. With QuickBooks Online Sandbox, you now have the flexibility to test and validate with your own data and use cases, offering a more authentic testing experience.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility: We recognize the need for flexibility in your testing process. The new integration provides an environment that caters to your specific use cases, allowing you to explore and test functionalities with a level of flexibility not possible before.
  3. Accelerate Your Move to Production: expedite your testing process by testing in a dedicated environment with full access to QuickBooks Online data that you have curated. Quickly validate your integrations, identify potential issues, and seamlessly move to production faster and more confidently!

To explore the enhanced testing capabilities, simply login to your Railz account and navigate to the QuickBooks Online Sandbox. Here, you'll find a wealth of resources and tools to elevate your testing experience.

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