Live from Fintech Nexus 2022 Floor: We unveiled our Visualization SDK and it was blast!

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Hosting over 4,000 attendees, 350 speakers, and 225 sponsors in NYC's very own Javits Center is just a glimpse of how the Fintech Nexus is a critical influencer in the Fintech industry. Packed with thousands of networking sessions and business opportunities, Fintech Nexus has genuinely taken the lead in being New York City's largest fintech event! This year’s Fintech Nexus (AKA LendIt Fintech) event goal was to explore the complexities of our rapidly changing world through insightful sessions focused on the most important trends in banking, Fintech, and crypto & DeFi. 

Railz at Fintech Nexus 2022

Last week we were in NYC at Fintech Nexus 2022. We showcased our API, finally networked with tens of industry experts in person, and took home knowledge we can apply to our current solution and future products. We hosted visitors to our booth. We have attracted many SMB lenders in Fintech Nexus 2022 to our newly released feature, Visualization SDK, a set of white-label dashboards that help banks make faster, smarter loan decisions. They can use the visualization SDK to build branded, customized dashboards that show a complete picture of the current financial performance of the SMB clients they serve. By integrating income statements, bills, invoices, and balance sheets from the business' accounting software, lenders can visually summarize revenue, costs, expenses, debt, and more to paint a complete picture of a business's financial health.

“As we emerge into a post-pandemic era, there is a tremendous amount of in-person networking velocity that has been bottled up for almost two years - and it felt like that pressure got released during Fintech Nexus, as the broader fintech community congregated in NYC to connect, reconnect, engage and discover.” said Amitaabh Malhotra, our COO. “The energy on the trade show floor could be felt in all areas, and it reminded us of why a lot of us got into this disruptive vertical in the first place. For the Railz team, this was a long-overdue public appearance, especially with the tremendous growth we have seen in our business and product over the last year. We thank all our existing and potential customers and partners that stopped by our booth, to encourage, interact, meet face to face for the first time or to just learn more about our new offerings.”

Fintech Nexus 2022 trends and theme

One of the most popular components of Fintech Nexus 2022 was its discussion panels, where the panelists shared their valuable insights and experience throughout numerous panels mainly focused on topics like Innovation in Lending Technologies, Open Banking, and Web 3.0. Key topics like Risk assessment, NeoBanks, Financial Inclusion, and BNPL were also among the most popular topics discussed through the panels.

Fintech Nexus 2022 trendy conversation topics were mainly about consuming alternative data and building a lending solutions marketplace that ultimately facilitates loan payments. While the loan underwriting process is one of the popular use cases of Railz API, we were able to form many great conversations with the industry leaders and elaborated on how Railz is able to help them restructure their SMB customers' loan repayment plans and determine the size of the payments based on their cashflow.

mohammad reza nabizadeh railz
Manager, Demand Generation

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh (Nabi) is the Demand Generation Manager at Railz. He has been working for over seven years with tech enterprises like Huawei Technologies. His focus has been on Fintech B2B demand generation, inbound marketing, and product-led growth. He is a well-rounded Fintech marketing expert, and he primarily gained experience by executing top-notch marketing techniques through all demand generation and digital marketing channels. In addition, Nabi is the Ambassador at Fintech Marketing Hub and he was hosted to share his expertise in marketing to Fintech developers. Finally, he is a life-long learner writing about Fintech and SaaS! Follow more of his thought pieces and ideas on Twitter and LinkedIn.