Railz’s Startup Program: Use Railz’s Financial Data API Free!

Kristen Campbell freelance writer
February 28, 2022

Here at Railz, we know working at a startup isn’t always easy - whether you’re creating your sample product, working out the bugs in your software, or financing your next big idea, building a startup can keep you on your toes. To make things easier, we’ve introduced the Railz Startup Program, which allows startup companies to use Railz’ financial data API for free. 

Including unlimited free connections, accounting integrations, and the ability to access all of our environments (including both sandbox and production) for 6 months, the Railz Startup Program gives companies that have been operating for less than 2 years or have under $3M in revenue access to the accounting data-as-a-service API for free - no questions asked. 

With no monthly minimums, no long-term contracts, automatic and on-demand data syncing, and plenty of support (users and developers can access our email and chat features and talk to other users and developers within the Slack community), you’ll be in good company: plenty of other startups are already using Railz to shape the future of finance. Incubators and accelerators like Plug-and-Play, Fintech Cadence, Foundersbeta, Ondeck, and Fintech Montreal all offer Railz free to their portfolio companies. 

From lending and banking to insurance and portfolio management, Railz’ accounting data-as-a-service API is powerful enough to take on multiple platforms and agile enough to be easily integrated into your existing operations.

Railz Gives Startups Accurate Data

APIs - like Railz - are a cost-effective way to take care of some of the most time-consuming parts of running a financial services or fintech business. Whether it’s being able to normalize accounting data for lending, track cash flows, monitor a portfolio of customers, or provide real-time credit decisioning, using Railz’ API can help your startup generate reliable data - fast. 

Jon Cowley, Railz user and founder of Whatifi, a financial scenario planning platform, says he uses Railz to provide his team with the most accurate and timely data possible. With Railz’ API’s normalization engine, the team at Whatifi can provide answers to the ‘what if’ questions involved in running a business. For example, the answers to ‘what if we grow at 7% per month’ or ‘what if we only grow at 5% a month?’ can be generated in about 30 seconds with the integrated functionality (Railz’ API connects to all major accounting service providers) and normalized data of Railz. And since Railz’ API pulls data straight from the source, Whatifi users can be assured that the projections generated are the most accurate ones possible.

Railz Saves Startups Time

Using Railz’ API allows you to pull your information straight from the source - which is why another one of our clients,, uses the API to build its risk model. With Railz behind its credit decision-making, can offer pre-approvals and loans to small business and commercial clients with limits that are 10x higher than competitors, based on the ability to monitor and assess business risk in real-time. By getting real-time financial data through Railz, can make credit decisions faster, enabling them to be a step ahead of the competition.

Railz Makes Startups More Efficient

With integrated, normalized accounting data, startups like financial technology company Corl can make fast financing decisions for businesses in the digital economy. With access to Railz, Corl’s customers can easily share data from their accounting and financial service providers in real-time, allowing Corl to automate their underwriting process. This not only saves their employees time, it also allows them to improve their customer service - giving them the capability to communicate quickly and efficiently with commercial clients. 

If you’re a startup, a fintech, or a financial institution, the Railz Startup Pricing program can give you the reliability and timeliness you need from your financial data. Whether you’re using it to decide commercial loans, make financing predictions for small businesses, or expand your tech horizons in some other way, Railz gives you the startup features you need - without the high price.

Kristen Campbell freelance writer
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