Railz and Fundsquire partner to to offer a quick, transparent, integrated funding platform

December 15, 2021
damien petty fundsquire

It’s an exciting day at Railz as we announce yet another incredible partnership. Our Accounting Data-as-a-Service™ API and Fundsquire’s revenue-based financing platform are coming together to support funding for startups and scaleups. We are thrilled to report that Fundsquire, a source of capital for startup and scale-ups globally, has partnered with us at Railz to super-charge it’s funding platform. As part of the partnership, Fundsquire has integrated Railz’s API solutions to further augment its funding platform, access comprehensive accounting data, and provide a transparent lending process for businesses accessing growth capital from Fundsquire.

What is Fundsquire?

Fundsquire is a global source of capital that invests in innovative businesses in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Fundsquire works closely with their customers to provide straightforward non-dilutive capital to grow, accelerate, and strengthen the value of their business. Fundsquire sets itself apart in the global funding and fintech landscape by providing a quicker, more effective and streamlined end-to-end lending process. Fundsquire recently received $75 million AUD strategic investment from Fasanara Capital and launched the Grant Advance funding solution.”

Partnership between Railz and Fundsquire de-risks and enables faster lending for businesses

The partnership between Railz and Fundsquire is a step towards furthering Fundsquire’s goal in leveraging technology to de-risk lending, give customers transparent insights into factors guiding their funding, and enable on-demand access to financial transactions and reports for businesses and Fundsquire.

“As an early adopter of the Railz integration, we are excited to take our partnership further,” said Damien Petty, CEO & co-Founder at Fundsquire. “We have grown tremendously in the last few years across Australia, Canada, and the UK and as a global business, we need global solutions to better serve our customers. Railz is going to be a key pillar of our evolving and improving tech ecosystem as we continue to elevate our platform in line with our growing product portfolio and customer base.”

We are so excited to share this partnership news with you. Railz looks forward to supporting Fundsquire in their creation of a quick, transparent, integrated funding platform for businesses. Get in touch with our amazing sales team or reach out to Fundsquire to learn more about what we do!

Director of Marketing

Samantha Lloyd is the Director of Marketing at Railz. We're building the largest financial data network to support the future of finance. She has a decade of experience building organic growth, brand, and digital marketing for startups and technology companies. In her free time, you can find Sam SCUBA diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.