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Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh joins Railz as Manager of Demand Generation!

September 23, 2021

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh is the Demand Generation Manager at Railz. He has been working for over 6 years in the tech industry for companies like Huawei Technologies and hyper-growth Canadian startups. His focus has been on B2B demand generation, inbound marketing, and product-led growth. He is a well-rounded marketing expert, and he primarily gained experience by executing top-notch marketing techniques through all demand generation and digital marketing channels.

Welcome to Railz, Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh!

He has done numerous data analytics in interaction-based customer segmentation, real-time sentiment analysis, causal inference, and purchase tendency prediction. Through his data-driven marketing experience, he has analyzed the customer acquisition cost, predicted the net profit, and optimized the daily ad spending on each marketing channel.

At Railz, he plans to implement an in-house user behavior analysis framework that enriches prospects’ properties, predicts buying intent by analyzing leads’ behavioral history, and derives product development insights through various clustering analyses.

Railz: Tell us about your career, Nabi. How did you get to where you are today?

I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Engineering. So, yeah, I’m an Engineer! I’m obsessed with applying scientific concepts to practical problems in my daily life. After working for three months as a geotechnical engineer in Samanpey Co., a pioneer geotechnical engineering company in Iran, I did not feel that an engineering role was the right fit for my career. In my spare time, I had learned web design and had an excellent command of WordPress for a side project, Marketarians. I offered to redesign Samanpey’s website and that’s where my journey in marketing began! My ambition for being challenged by more in-depth business problems led me to be a self-learner and look for the newest business management and marketing knowledge resources. As a result, I learned marketing principles from scratch, developed my technical skills, and applied that knowledge and skill to real-world problems.

I started my MBA studies at the University of Tehran to gain the most updated trends and experiences in the marketing field and build my professional-academic network. While completing my MBA, I was offered a product marketing management position at Huawei Technologies, where I had the opportunity to work on their cloud music streaming platform. While in my role, I managed a multi-million (USD) ARR service, collaborated with a multinational team, partnered with over 30 business partners, and engaged with over 600K monthly active application users. This experience was elemental to my exponential growth in marketing.

My partner, Vida, decided to pursue her Ph.D. in Astronomy at University of Victoria in 2019 so we moved to Canada (she is a data scientist and analyzes galaxies’ simulation data to study their evolution — pretty cool, right?). I joined a local food delivery mobile app as the Marketing Manager and had the opportunity to design, plan, and execute all its marketing strategies. When the pandemic happened, I learned only one simple but crucial business lesson:

“If your B2B marketing strategy offers continuous added value to your clients, there is no way for that strategy to fail!”

How did you end up in the tech and startup world?

Once I moved to Canada, I had prior experience working in a startup and an enterprise-level company. Working in startups makes you inevitably engaged with multiple tasks and you’re often challenged by very unexpected problems but it flourishes your creativity and multidisciplinary skills. Regardless of being an engineer or marketer, you have to push the boundaries of your expertise and be innovative in startups because it’s the matter of winning or dying!

What excites you most about financial technology (fintech)?

Let me tell you a funny story! My father was a banker in the 90s when I was a kid. Some evenings I spent a couple of hours in the bank doing my homework while my dad and his colleagues were finishing some tasks. I was hearing random words like; loan, account, balance sheet, credit line, deposit, investment, and many other things, which brought millions of questions into my mind. I remember them using floppy disks to store their daily transactions data!

Now, I see fintechs in every corner of the finance industry, aiming to improve its efficiency and provide a seamless digital experience to support hundreds of companies looking for innovative, easy-to-use, and flexible financial solutions and tools. There is a revolution in the finance industry led by fintechs. That’s truly exciting for me and Railz.

What do you love about being a marketer?

What excites me about marketing is human interactions! Yes! From my point of view, marketing is about delivering value and benefits to the right person. It’s a profound concept, and there is no concrete solution for a marketer to succeed. Instead, they have to use the previous lessons learned, implement them to the new problems and experiments, and create an iterative loop of actions to improve campaign performance in an on-going fashion!

Being a marketer means you need to learn continuously and that’s what I love to do!

What inspired you to pursue the demand generation sector of marketing?

Demand generation is all about building, whether it is awareness or discovering new markets or campaigns. It’s about creating excitement for a new product, bringing the brand to the ideal audience in a way that resonates, and using optimization tools to pinpoint the precise tactics.

What’s your favourite part of marketing outside of demand generation?

Marketing Technology (MarTech) and Marketing Analytics! I enjoy seeing how marketing has been operating and performing more efficiently and more innovative with the help of marketing technology and analytics tools! Without having a proper marketing technology and analytics stack, running a successful marketing campaign is nearly impossible. I’m tech-savvy and learning about new technologies that enhance marketing’s capabilities has always been exciting to me and my roles.

What is your favourite thing about working at Railz so far?

The ambition! Railz aims to build the largest financial data network for the future of finance which genuinely excites me. Just imagine collaborating with a team where everyone thinks big! Having such a strong NorthStar and a positive, remote work culture makes Railz a very productive and innovative team to work with.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in joining Financial Technology (fintech) or Railz?

FinTech is a fast-growing industry. In 2010, the investment value in this industry was $10BUSD worldwide and Statista predicted fintech industry growth to $46B by 2020.

If you’re joining fintech, prepare to thrive in a constantly changing and evolving environment. Be open to learning new skills every day, design and implement business data collection streams, and make data-driven decisions. Check out Railz’s careers page to see the roles we’re hiring for!

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Samantha Lloyd is the Director of Marketing at Railz. We're building the largest financial data network to support the future of finance. She has a decade of experience building organic growth, brand, and digital marketing for startups and technology companies. In her free time, you can find Sam SCUBA diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.