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Happy International Women's Day: Highlighting the Women of Railz

shawna stewart vp people railz
March 8, 2022

Happy International Women’s Day! We are excited to highlight the amazing women at Railz leading incredible functions, strategies, and teams here. Without their contributions to engineering, product, customer success, human resources, and sales, we would not have built the successful company we have today. Thank you to the wonderful women at Railz and here’s to you on International Women’s Day!

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day happens on March 8th every year. The goal of International Women’s Day is to recognize the contribution and successes of women globally. Their 2022 theme is to #BreakTheBias and strive towards equality. Their mission as it pertains to technology and women in tech is to celebrate digital advancement and champion women forging innovation through technology.

Please meet some of the amazing women behind Railz:

Shawna Stewart, VP of People Operations

Hi Everyone, I’m Shawna Stewart and I head up the People Operations function at Railz.
I am excited to be working with this talented group who have taken Railz from ground zero to the rocketship state we’re in now. Although I am new here, I am excited to dig in with the team in enhancing their Railz experience. Leveraging feedback from the team, everything from performance development to how we support our community is where I will set focus. As a key to success for other People Ops folks joining a new org - collect data from the source you serve and power forward with the most impactful change in mind. I’m looking forward to helping us drive toward a more purpose-driven culture.

Gabi Pirraglia, Director of Customer Success

Hello! I am Gabi Pirraglia and I am the Sr. Director of Customer Success at Railz. We are building a data-driven CS function that puts data and empathy at the center of our strategy. In my experience, the best way to serve our customers is to know them intimately by distilling data points down into actionable insights. The key to success in tech is understanding what your customers need and when they need it most (and, of course, always preparing for that to change). I love working with smart and thoughtful people who encourage me to be myself and do my best, all at the same time. 

Abisola Adeniran, Director of Platform Engineering

Abisola Adeniran railz

Hello, everyone. I'm Abisola Adeniran, and I'm the Director of Railz's Platform Engineering team. I strive to ensure that the company's objectives and goals for our client-facing applications are accomplished, that our client interactions are smooth, and that our platforms are regularly improved based on user feedback. Working with Railz has been a delight for me, particularly working with the engineering and product teams, both of which are comprised of outstanding individuals. My success formula If you want to build a tech team, make sure your team has a culture of collaboration and open communication. This contributes to an inclusive culture in which everyone works together toward a similar objective.

Marie Osmun, Senior Quantitative Developer

marie osmun data science

Hi, I'm Marie and I am a Senior Quantitative Developer at Railz. I work with our engineering team on the backend, integrating with accounting service providers, normalizing data, and developing data insights and analytics, like our proprietary Railz Credit Score. I have enjoyed working at Railz, and for me, what makes Railz special is that new ideas are welcome, and we have support in realizing those ideas. As developers and engineers, our goal is to solve problems. At Railz, we have the freedom to experiment and collaborate while keeping the end goal in mind. My tips for success are to communicate with your team, take feedback with an open mind, and embrace constructive criticism.

Gabriela Gonzalez, Product Owner

Hello, my name is Gabriela Gonzalez, and I am a Product Owner at Railz. 

Although I’ve only been at Railz for a few months, my experience here has been a delight. I am surrounded by talented individuals tackling financial data problems in order to build the best experience for our customers. What I love most about Railz is working with the development and product team and the collaboration we have. 

Inclusion is especially important to me because having a winding career path resulted in me doubting myself and allowed the imposter syndrome to grow. The best advice I was given is that it’s ok if you come from different backgrounds, as long as you stay curious, ask a lot of questions, are willing to learn, and enjoy it! Bringing different learnings from previous sectors and applying them has gotten me where I am today as a Product Owner. Having the ability to understand and define the problem, set goals, and ensure others feel welcomed to provide their insights to foster better team collaboration will result in a better product.

We hope you enjoyed meeting some incredible team members! If you’re in search of an exciting role, we’re hiring across sales, marketing, engineering, customer success, and product. We are always looking for amazing people to join our fast-growing financial technology company, which was recognized as a Great Place to Work® in 2021 and as a Best Workplace™ in Canada for Start-Ups in 2022. Have a great International Women’s Day!

shawna stewart vp people railz
VP of People Operations

Shawna Stewart is the VP of People Operations at Railz. Shawna is a people-focused leader who uses her passion, grit, and creativity to drive her team towards an employee experience that’s inclusive, supportive, and purposeful. Her secret sauce? A mix of strategy, innovation, empathy, a dash of wit, and a boatload of patience.