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At Railz we believe that our Data as a Service platform is the cornerstone to building trust and proving our commitment to our customers.

In the Beginning...

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Derek Manuge

Co-Founder, CTO & Chief Visionary
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  • 2 Math Degrees
  • Ex-KPMG 'Quant from Canada'
  • Advised 30+ institutions on financial risk and technology
  • Top 25 Leader in Lending (Canadian Lenders Association)
  • Leads all Technology and Product responsibilities for Railz
What Inspires Me:

Helping accelerate the advent of data self-sovereignty and machine-intelligent decision-making.


Sohaib Zahid

Co-Founder & CEO
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  • Ex-YC W15
  • Vanhawks (acquired)
  • Kapacity (acquired)
  • TEDx Toronto Speaker
  • Leads all Fundraising, Finance and Operational responsibilities for Railz
What Inspires Me:

Solving real world problems, and building products people love and use daily.

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Ron Benegbi

Co-Founder, President & CRO
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  • 2-time previous tech founder
  • 2 successful global exits, one flop too
  • Led revenue for the fastest growing FinTech in Canada (2016)
  • Senior lead volunteer advisor @ MaRS Discovery District
  • Leads all Revenue for Railz including BD, Sales, Marketing & Partnerships
What Inspires Me:

To give back to the tech entrepreneurial global community through mentorship, education and network support.

Railz was started by 3 very passionate and previous technology founders: Derek, Sohaib and Ron.

From our previous experiences in the Small Business lending space, we noticed that FIs spend most of their time on data collection and analysis when making loan or capital decisions.

We were inspired to solve this problem by building a solution that would automate the data collection and analysis process so that accounting data could be used for real-time decision-making. We built an accounting data API to solve this, reducing FI decision-making time on loans by 20x vs. the traditional lending process.

We are on a Mission to provide our accounting API Data as a Service solution for everyone and to expand our focus beyond banking to every business that could benefit from having real-time accounting data.

Welcome to Railz.